Lewis Silkin recognised for its commitment to inclusion and diversity

07 May 2020

In the Ius Laboris member firm for the UK, Lewis Silkin, women accounted for 100 per cent of promotions to partner in 2019.

Isadora Barros

Dedicated to increasing diversity, telecoms company BT created a strategy to encourage its panel law firms to be more inclusive. As a starting point, panel law firms were cut down from 40 to 15. The next step is a three-year diversity commitment plan with the 15 law firms. The firm with the best record on inclusion will be automatically renewed with the company.

Ius Laboris member firm in the UK, Lewis Silkin , made the grade and was highlighted for its latest efforts on creating a more gender-diverse law firm. The publication  The Lawyer  compared the promotion data of the 15 firms in the last year to see where they currently stand. According to The Lawyers' analysis, Lewis Silkin is one of only two firms in which women accounted for 100 per cent of its promotions to the partnership last year.